The God Moment and Ang Lee’s Life of Pi

The outstanding director of Life of Pi (a must watch for anyone who believes in faith, god and above all the potential of Indian stories) Ang Lee shared with his actors the concept of “God Moment” during the filming. He explained that there comes this moment when you are very close to death when you connect with God..and he calls it the God Moment.

Agree with Lee on the moment but disagree that it only comes when you are close to dying. I think God has sprinkled these moments all across and all around us but we simply miss them. Till he has to get us close to death and then we say..aha I get it!

My god moments came on a number of occasions during my travels to the north east of India this past week.

I had my God moment when I met children afflicted by conflict. In their eyes I saw a twinkle, aptly accompanied by a wide smile..and I thought I saw God. It is like Lee’s Pi at the sea, alone but in hope, and the reflection of enduring hope he sees in the eyes of his Bengal tiger – Richard Parker.

I had my God moment when we were driving through for hours in the forgotten hills, so splendid with their flora and fauna. In the flowers that look pink from afar and green and white from up close. It is as if God is asking you to expand your own horizon of beauty by playing these tricks with your vision. Letting you know that Beauty is all encompassing and present everywhere.

Lee’s beautiful depiction of the island of plenty that is resourceful during the day but self destructing during the night, is a deep reflection of human nature. The island like the sense of self – ‘ahm’ – ego is all resourceful but is also destructive. It is only when we are prepared to leave the self that we experience God, like Pi in the movie. The sad fact that this comes to us only when we are close to death is what makes Lee conclude that God Moment is associated with imminent death.

But if you are prepared to let yourself go, and let the universe take control of you even for a fraction of second, you will realize that the existence itself is an eternal God moment. Life becomes manifestation of faith, not in some God you reach through religion but faith in very sense of self as part of the whole. In losing yourself for a fraction of second you will find yourself and your God and above all your faith..TRY IT…

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