With Due Apologies, to Raag Bhairavi

BhairaviRagini ManleyRagamala | Gouache on paperRaag Bhairavi is a morning raag, which has over time, become the concluding piece, even at night time performances.

Raag Bhairavi is one of the few raags that can be performed in any season. But it is always performed with a peaceful, serious, and occasionally contemplative mood.

Likewise, Blog Bhairavi was initially planned to spark ideas and shed light on issues that face us as a nation, but will now showcase my plans, and conclusions about what we as people need to do, to take India forward.

It will contain my thoughts on serious issues, and often deep, thought provoking topics…

I hope, our collective reading and discussion here, is in similar vein.

It is a blog for all seasons. I hope you enjoy it.

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