Insanity – Spidy’Web and Krishna’s Leela


Don’t we all recall the story our mothers or teachers or elders told us about the little Spidy?

The one who falls many times but keeps at it and then eventually forms his web..and then gets caught and stays in that web.
I see such spiders everywhere nowadays…they are all around fact …I too have been the incorrigible Spidy myself.. for years I cannot remember and days I won’t dare to compute.
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…now that sounds almost insane.. Its like you take the same amount of Sugar, tea, milk and expect a different tea every time…really at least change the tea flavor…otherwise how is it supposed to be different…
Don’t we all in our routines, in our work, and even in our relationships do the Spidy act every day and boy we do it with such diligence it makes the little Spidy look like an amateur.
We have perfected this art so well that in the end we manage to spun a nice little web for ourselves and then we are caught. We just get caught up in the web we have so painstakingly woven for ourselves.
So let me get this right…we do the same thing over and over again so that we can create a situation in which we ourselves have a NO GO…hmmm sure that doesn’t sound smart at all to any of us….in fact its a proof of concept for sheer INSANITY.
So why don’t we try something different? Why don’t we instead play the flute like Krishna and learn a thing or two from his Leela.
Not one day is same as the other..he plays a different tune but they all have his essence, he plays a different ‘raas’ everyday..and is so different in action and perception that no one person can or will define Krishna in the same manner or words as another…don’t believe me? try it..
Ask 5 people..or as many as you want to..I did that before writing this blog…not one person gave the same words….it just shows that Krishna’s Leela was such that he was different for everyone and still is…there was no repetition and why should there be?
The part of being human is to be able to choose consciously from actions, thoughts, emotions…all in different permutation and combination and the possibilities are in billions ..definitely more than one life time of a human being..
If everyone who knows you can describe you in the same set of 5-10 words, then that means your life is limited to those 10 qualities and experiences. When there is a possibility of Billions..why limit yourself to 10? Doesn’t that sound Insane?
If you explode your being to vastness where everyone who knows you, knows you as something different then you are rich with life’s experiences, you are rich with Leela.
If this is possible Then.. why be the Spidy? I mean you are born human so behave like one…drop the insanity, forget getting caught in a web..just don’t even aim at spinning a web …and just do Leela…

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