A fourth-generation entrepreneur, an avid venture philanthropist, an India Leadership Initiative Fellow, a member of the National Committee of India@75 Foundation Trust as well as the Aspen Global Leadership Network and a founding member and former National Chairman of Young Indians, CII – Bhairavi was listed as one of the 30 most Powerful Women in India by the India Today publication in 2010. Her ticket to being an Adventurer We Love is her recently concluded 51 day drive through 25 states, covering 18181 kilometers across and 102 locations in India.

AHC: What does adventure mean to you?
Bhairavi: Taking what is the core to human existence, that spirit to constantly evolve by extending, exceeding your own boundaries, physical, emotional, intellectual – is my idea of adventure.

AHC: Tell us about your recent trip across India – the one that is comparable to around the world in 80 days?
Bhairavi: We travelled 18,181 Kilometers for 52 days visiting 102 places across India in search of the Idea of India, and how it lives and breaths in the people of India. We called the project “Highway To Swades”. We  travelled highways, roads and in some places no roads. Driving through the thick jungles of the north east, the paddy fields of the south, the high mountain roads of the Himalayas, the Gangetic plains, the barren mountains and green valleys of Kashmir, through the Great Thar desert and the Rann of Kutch too. Touching the Rann of Kutch and Jaisalmer in the west, Lungwa on the Nagaland – Myanmaar border in the north east, Kanyakumari in the south and Kashmir in the north. We met millions of Indians from all walks of life, culture and truly immersed ourselves in the diversity and universality of the Idea of India.

AHC:What is your recommendation on best International adventure destinations – based on your experiences?
Bhairavi: It would have to be new Zealand. Its an adventurer’s paradise. The best of the activities with the best natural beauty and best in class safety and equipment.

AHC: Your adventure bucket-list still includes…
Bhairavi: Swim with whales off the coast of South Africa, camp in the mountains of Chile, drive from china to Europe through the silk route.

Here’s the link to the original interview with Active Holiday Company.

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