Memories: Interactions with India’s President

It was great fun to watch the Discovery Channel India Official show -India Revealed on Rashtrapati Bhavan. I have been privileged to have spent many days in meetings and discussions at President of India ‘s official residence while working on the Roshni MOU with Hon President Pratibha Patil’s secretariat. and had the honor of understanding this great institution. So glad to see it documented thus. The show also brought back memories of interactions with each of the India’s Presidents since 2002.

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In pictures here: With President Kalam when he released Yi’s first book during my year as national chairman, With President Pratibha Patil while releasing the logo to of the Roshni program, With President Pranab Mukherjee receiving CII’s President’s award from him when he was FM, With Former Secretary to President Patil -Chirsty Fernandez signing the Roshni MOU in the Constitution Room (where India’s partition was discussed) of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. #indiaincredible The Rashtrapati Bhavan is open to visitors every weekend. Don’t miss this opportunity – its easy to visit this great institution see details here

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