To Gurdaspur with Love


During our all India epic drive “HIGHWAY TO SWADES” in 2014, we drove on our 34th day from Jammu to Amritsar and experienced the hospitality of Gurdaspur with a sumptuous paratha in the morning. I shall never forget the warmth of the people there. Today this place is under attack and its blood has been shed. My heart goes out to those innocent and brave at the police station and also on the roadside. May be this woman lost someone dear today, we don’t know but how does it matter, all those who have died or been injured today, they too are our own, our family of compatriots and fellow citizens.It is so important to remember in times likes this the core of who we are and be true to our values of love and warmth despite heinous acts directed at us. Sending love back to Gurdaspur today with these pictures taken at a roadside joint in Gurdaspur where we were fed “love” and our warm hosts in the fields of Gurdaspur where the Punjabi toils for your and my ”Roti” of wheat.

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