Avenues To A Great Future

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Mark Stone, Managing Director and Founder at Avenues, Shillong is a man driven by passion, aspiration and inspiration.

A first generation entrepreneur, Mark has made it completely on his own to make Avenues the most coveted and sought after training, skilling, hospitality and human capital development firm in the North East of India.

His story is of perseverance and never giving up on your dreams. I am personally inspired by this amazing young entrepreneur who has taken the leap of faith to make miracles happen for many millions of young people!

Avenues team congratulations!! And thank you for a lovely time at your office yesterday!

I am proud to share, in pictures, Mark Stone’s mission in his own words, Mark addressing a class of teenager at Avenues Academy, Mark stone at his office, Toddlers at Avenue academy, and the last pic is me with the Entrepreneur himself, Mark at his office!

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