Day 1 – My first blog post

moi, with mom and dad

moi, with mom and dad

This being human is like a guest house… every morning a new arrival. The day of my long awaited freedom started on a happy and good note. It is quite something to begin your day and have the whole world available as your canvas.

I wonder if the Creators of yore, people like Da Vinci felt the same when they woke up every morning… what went through their minds? how did the early man think of his future… reading Discoverers by Daniel Boorstin…. maybe he will have some answers…

Ran into a senior and quite popular politician at the airport, who is also the father of a dear friend… he insisted it was time for me to join politics and here I was looking forward to my ideal nothing to do – read, eat, sleep, write… sigh, the world does not let you be…

Kashmir, my solace, as usual very welcoming. Got here and time just slowed to a rhythm of valley… Sweet and pure… I agree with SRK, that even obsessed insomniacs like us can sleep in Kashmir for hours! I slept for 4 hours straight in the afternoon, that too on a working day… it was quite something!

Met old friends Waseem and Sans with their children. Watched delightedly as Waseem taught his 9-year-old daughter about the Indian national anthem… It was touching. And it brought memories of my own delightful discovery of the most beautiful “Jan~Gan~Mann…”

Then indulged some great Chinese food at the Taj, and a chat with Sana about her starting a hospital here…So much to do! I retire to my room, reading Aristotle. Just before my expectations of a sound sleep. It kept me awake even in my dreams :)

Trying this blog thing out… lets see if it works!!!

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